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GEAR 510 • Armrests on Taylor Guitars

For extended playing sessions on the guitar, especially when wearing a short sleeve shirt, you can develop a set of creases on your picking arm where it lies over the lower bout of the guitar. Taylor has alleviated this problem by offering armrests on some of its guitars at both low and high price points. Their Academy series offers armrests in a budget priced guitar, while more aesthetically refined versions can be found on some of Taylor’s higher end guitars such as their 900 series. Overall, I figured having an armrest would be an improvement, but I am really surprised at how much I’ve enjoyed it. It does make the playing experience more comfortable, especially on longer sessions.

TIPS 111 • Standing Posture with Acoustic Guitar

Lately I have been trying to practice on my acoustic while standing up. Many fingerstyle and classical players use footrests or a guitar rest that sits on the thigh to have a more comfortable playing position while sitting. While these may help with a sitting posture, I’ve also found that standing is a simple solution to improve my guitar posture. While the elements of posture I talk about are especially helpful with acoustic guitar, they also have some benefits when playing electric. Note – this is just what works for me and it may not be the best way for you to play. (Please consult a doctor or other qualified professional if you are experiencing pain / problems from playing the guitar.) The deeper point of this video is to get you thinking about a guitar posture that works for you and your playing style. The important thing is to find a comfortable posture that will allow you to play for years to come.

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