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TIPS 103 • Freshen Your Guitar Case with Altoids?

Can you freshen your guitar case with Altoids? Well, no, but you can organize it and you might freshen your breath along the way. Altoids tins – once emptied of the mints – can be used to store things like picks, capos, allen wrenches, and batteries (as shown). Note with batteries, as mentioned, you want to make sure they are still in the package or the contacts are otherwise not exposed. So a few things that don’t fit in the tin are – most guitar slides, spare strings, wire cutters, most string winders. Still, they can help you organize your ‘small stuff.’ You can also use the small Altoids tins as pick holders, and these are great to throw on top of your amp for easy access. Hope you have fun organizing your guitar case with Altoids tins. If nothing else, your breath may be fresher. 😉

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