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LIVE 155 • 4+ Minutes Ukulele Improvisation (Kamaka HF-3 Tenor)

Here’s some improvisation I recorded one day on a standard Kamaka HF-3 tenor ukulele.  The Kamaka tenor is a classic ukulele sound – for strumming of course, but also for single note lines.  The strings are the stock Kamaka brand black nylon strings with a wound low G – the Kamaka nylon strings have a soothing, mellow, jazzy tone – but also some nice sparkle and definition.  It’s a classic set that wears well.  Hope you enjoy.

Recorded with a Kamaka Koa Tenor ukulele (Kamaka HF-3, low G with stock Kamaka brand black nylon strings and a Thomastik-Infeld CF-30 flat wound fourth string) and a Neumann TLM 103 microphone.