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GEAR 301 • Roland Cube Street Amp

I have owned both the Roland Cube Street and the Roland Micro Cube and can say that these are great portable amps with a lot of good sounds for not a lot of money.  You can find Micro Cubes used for under $100 and they are great for people that want a small, affordable practice amp.  The Micro Cubes are loud enough for home practice and some  jams / rehearsals (though it won’t compete with a drummer).  If you need a mic channel and might want to do some (very) small gigs, the Cube Street is basically like the micro cube with an extra channel and an extra speaker.  The Cube Street is a little bit louder than the Micro Cube (noticeably louder, but not twice as loud) though not quite as portable.

My demo below looks at the Cube Street and focuses on the guitar channel, which is similar to the Micro Cube’s.  It starts with a basic overview of the features (part I), then moves to a demo with electric guitar (part II), and finally a demo with acoustic guitar (part III).  You can watch all three below: