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GEAR 501 • Installing Gotoh 510 Tuners on a Taylor Guitar

This video is about the new Gotoh 510 tuners I had installed on my Taylor. I had stock gold finish Taylor tuners on the guitar (no difference from the nickel ones except for the finish) and they were pretty nice, but they had a little more wear than normal and were starting to give me some trouble with all the alternate tunings I use. The stock tuners had probably an 18:1 ratio so I thought I’d try the Gotoh tuners, which are a bit heftier and have a 21:1 ratio. Pete (the guitar tech featured in the video) recommended I order the Delta Series version of the tuners, though I’m not sure how those differ from the normal ones. (Also note: this is not meant to be a do it yourself video – I recommend you go to an experienced luthier, as I did.) Overall, I’m pleased with how the tuners look and perform, and how the guitar sounds after installing the tuners.

You may also want to view my video for Lágrima, recorded after installing the Gotoh tuners – this is the kind of song that I think sounds better with the extra sustain from the tuners.