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SONG 201 • Archie, Marry Me by Alvvays

Ok, I’ve been wanting to do a lesson on “Archie, Marry Me” by Canadian band Alvvays for a while and finally got a video together. “Archie” is a beginner level song, though anyone can have fun playing it. Since the chord progression is simple, I try to cover some basic strumming as well as a couple transitional rhythmic cues. I also cover how to play the cool intro which is not super hard, despite having what sounds like a half diminished chord. 🙂 The song is fun, catchy, and Ben Gibbard covered it.

Lesson road map:
Chords – 0:52
Strumming – 3:19
Rhythmic transitions – 4:49
Dsus2 riff – 7:20
Song structure / Bridge / Ending – 11:36
Intro riff – 14:00
Intro: variation – 18:32

band website – http://alvvays.com

Original video:

Ben Gibbard cover: