SONG 202 • Then Came The Morning by The Lone Bellow

Here is my lesson for Then Came the Morning by The Lone Bellow. This is on the hard side of beginner (there are some bar chords) and I also go through some easy side of intermediate material. The song is relatively simple, but not too straight forward: it has a 6/8 time signature, uses a capo on the 1st fret, and the song structure is a little unusual. We can also add some cool intermediate chord voicings and fills, which make the song more interesting. So overall, this one is not too hard but there are still a lot of great concepts to touch on.

Lesson road map:
0:00 – song preview / lesson overview
1:30 – time signature, basic feel / strumming, capo
3:54 – beginner intro / chorus
4:51 – beginner verse & chords
6:40 – song structure up to bridge, playing through the verse
7:56 – beginner bridge, playing through the bridge
9:35 – outro & chords
11:50 – playing trough the outro
12:27 – intermediate intro (piano pick-up phrase)
13:54 – intermediate intro / chorus chord voicings
16:17 – playing through the chorus with intermediate chords
17:15 – intermediate chorus: more things you can add
18:35 – playing through the chorus w/ intermediate chords & extras
19:09 – intermediate verse & chords
21:35 – playing through intermediate verse
22:20 – intermediate bridge, play through
23:32 – verse guitar fills, play through

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