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TIPS 102 • Sell Your Unused Gear

Today’s tip involves selling off your unused gear. This video is not so much on how to do that, but is really about convincing you that it’s a good idea. Proceeds from selling unused gear can be used to buy more useful gear, including a better instrument that you might play more often. Also consider you often have to clean, service, restring, and otherwise maintain gear you’re not using to keep it in good condition, so you save money and time by not having to do that. In general, having less ‘stuff’ also gives you more mental real estate and time to spend with family & friends, playing music, etc.
People often hold on to things for perceived sentimental value or because they think the item is ‘rare,’ but this is often not truly the case. Also bear in mind that you can always buy whatever you sell (or a similar item) back on eBay if you decide you need it several years down the road. Really, this is not so much about using the proceeds to buy more gear as it is about having things that you’ll use or in some cases trading up to a better instrument. You can always do other things with the money as well.

Places to sell your gear (in addition to your local music store):

eBay – http://www.ebay.com

Reverb – http://www.reverb.com

Here is that John Paul Jones interview I mentioned:

The part about having only one bass in Led Zeppelin is at about the 3 minute mark, but the whole interview is worth a listen. (Note – this is a sponsored interview for Elixir and the back half involves him gushing over the strings. I use Elixir too, though, so I’m not knocking it.)