TIPS 111 • Standing Posture with Acoustic Guitar

Lately I have been trying to practice on my acoustic while standing up. Many fingerstyle and classical players use footrests or a guitar rest that sits on the thigh to have a more comfortable playing position while sitting. While these may help with a sitting posture, I’ve also found that standing is a simple solution to improve my guitar posture. While the elements of posture I talk about are especially helpful with acoustic guitar, they also have some benefits when playing electric. Note – this is just what works for me and it may not be the best way for you to play. (Please consult a doctor or other qualified professional if you are experiencing pain / problems from playing the guitar.) The deeper point of this video is to get you thinking about a guitar posture that works for you and your playing style. The important thing is to find a comfortable posture that will allow you to play for years to come.

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